Adding comments to documents

Comments can be added to any location in the navigation tree. When adding a comment to a document, automatically the page number of the opened document is inherited and added to a separate field in the comment. This number can be manually adjusted or left blank.

Comments on (draft) sequences

Comments are preserved when deleting a sequence containing comments. These comments become orphaned after deletion and are shown on dossier level, recognizable by an icon. When reimporting (a newer version of) the same sequence, comments are placed back at their original location, where possible. When deleting a sequence containing comments, a warning is shown.

Reply to comments

It is possible to reply on comments. Replies can be given only to comments that have status ‘open’. Replies to a comment are grouped below the original comment and can be recognized by their indent and different background color.


Comments can have different statuses: Open, Resolved, and Closed. ‘Open’ comments are displayed with a white background, ‘Resolved’ comments with a green background, and ‘closed’ comments are greyed out. Resolved and closed tickets can be reopened. By default only ‘open’ and ‘resolved’ comments are shown, to also show ‘closed’ comments the filter should be adjusted.

Filter and Export

In the comments tab all comments are shown on (and below) selected node from the Navigation tree. With the 'Filter' icon, a filter can be setup to show only certain comments. Comments can be filtered by date, user, status, and by a keyword search.

Comments can be exported to an Excel file. The export contains all comments that are shown in the applied filter (keyword search is not in scope for the Excel export).