The first step to authenticate via Okta is implemented. Okta is SAML 2.0 based and this development will allow for future full Single Sign On functionality. User are now able to login to Dossplorer using their Okta login credentials.

The business admin of a company can set up the possibility to authenticate via Okta. Go to Admin > Companies and open the tab ‘External identities’. Enter the Okta Domain and Token, click Update. Users of the company are able to login via the ‘Login with Okta’ button on the Dossplorer login page or using the dedicated company URL. Dossplorer automatically creates an account as General User with no permissions to view any dossiers. To change the permissions and roles, please read xxx.

Users who already have an account before the Okta authentication is set up for the company, login Dossplorer the way they are used (via