We encourage our customers to use two-factor authentication for login to Dossplorer. In case you experience difficulties logging in and receive the error "Invalid code" when entering the Authentication code provided by the app please make sure the date and time at the mobile phone and the machine are synchronized. Another possible interference with the two factor authentication is the fact that you are only allowed to have one active session.

Date/Time settings

As the Google Authenticator app provides a new code every 30 seconds, even a small discrepancy between those times can cause failed login attempts.

In order to synchronize the time and date on Android, go to "Settings" in the main menu on the Google Authenticator app, then "Time correction for codes" followed by "Sync now".

On iPhone: go to iPhone Settings -> "General" -> "Date and Time" -> Make sure to enable "Set Automatically". If this setting is already enabled then disable and enable again after a few seconds.

Active sessions

Please make sure that you are logged out from Dossplorer on every device that you have used to login to Dossplorer. After making sure you are logged out, log in to Dossplorer using your preferred device. 

We strongly advise to actively log out after each session.